The secret to choosing jewelry for a stylish office girl

Office clothes are often assumed to be hard and boring. So women often combine with a little jewelry accessories to create a new and more attractive look for the items they represent. Learn more tips for choosing jewelry for office girls below to know how to change your clothes right away.

Principles to keep in mind when choosing office jewelry

The first rule – Only one thing

In an office environment where it is necessary to show civilization and politeness, beauty is necessary but not too showy. You should not use a series of fancy motifs on ears, neck and hands at the same time. Take turns changing. Either just wear necklaces, or just earrings or just use only bracelets.

If you really want to use more than one piece of jewelry, it is essential that they are small, pretty pieces in the design and not too colorful.

Rule number two – Avoid jewelry that is too unique

The choker necklace or boho accessories are really eye-catching, adding more femininity to the girlfriend. However, they are only suitable for streetwear and outfits, completely not suitable for office outfits.

Rule number three – Pay attention to color

The jewelry for office outfits can be completely varied in color, just keep in mind that sophisticated jewelry encrusted with sparkling stones should be combined with simple sets. monochrome and vice versa.

Suggestions for choosing smart jewelry for office people

Choose the chain

Single-chain necklace, medium length to the right foot of the collar, is the strap with the greatest potential for variation. You can display them with all sorts of elegant, modern or feminine outfits, from shirt collars to round neck skirts. When you want to wear long necklaces, you should choose simple styles, not too elaborate, the longest is just at the bust level and combine them with monochrome outfit tones. Silver chains are always chosen because they are beautiful and cheap, easy to change constantly.

You should not choose to wear necklaces, multi-layered necklaces or cumbersome necklaces that reach your belly length. While they can be beautiful, they seem overly showy, not suitable for work. Not to mention, these confusing jewelry styles also make it difficult and inconvenient to bend over, eat … When you go to work, you definitely want to focus as much as possible to complete your work, because So don’t let these jewels dominate your attention.

Select ring, shake hands

The world of bangles and bracelets is huge, they are extremely diverse and offer you a multitude of choices. However, with office attire, you should only give priority to silver, gold, gold-plated bracelets … because they bring bright colors and are easy to combine with many colors on the outfit. Of course, still following the old principle, the pattern of bracelets and bracelets for office workers should still be inclined towards the minimalist design. The models are boring, colorful or too fussy you should save them for dating and parties.

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