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Genuine Leather Briefcase – Everyman’s Choice To Bring To Work

Men black genuine leather briefcase

Genuine leather briefcase have become a favorite trend in modern men fashion. Men’s leather briefcases are increasingly designed in a variety of designs, styles and colors to meet the needs of men. Nowadays, smart fashionistas are not too difficult to buy quality leather briefcase. What is a nice men leather briefcase? A nice men leather […]

3 Basic Criteria For Choosing Men’s Leather Bags

Tips to choose men leather crossbody bag

Each man chooses for himself the right accessories to create a different style, including cross bags. However, not every man can choose to buy the right quality, reasonable price and trendy style bag. Let’s learn 3 basic criteria to choose a bag that everyone needs to know. 1. Choosing the material For leather, there are 2 main […]

Top Loafer Models Leading TET Holiday Trend

Men Loafers

Male fashionistas (or also called fashionisto) who prefer and orient their own style with a masculine, elegant and luxurious image but still require a little creativity in leather shoe designs, the Loafers (or Loafer shoes) are always a great choice. With a stylish but no less formal V-shaped design, Loafer shoes are one of the “pride” […]