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Gucci Men’s Embroidered Sneaker – Cherished On Every Step

Gucci Men’s Embroidered Sneaker Model

For men, choosing for themselves a good pair of sports shoes will be easier than for women. Often the criteria when choosing their shoes will hit on some advantages such as originality, youthfulness, comfort and sophistication. And Gucci Men’s Embroidered Sneakers are shoes that can meet all of the above criteria. Gucci Men’s Embroidered Sneaker […]

What Do You Know About The Popularity Of The MCM?

MCM Zoo Collection

MCM is an extremely famous brand from Germany. For fashion enthusiasts, the MCM brand is nothing strange. MCM now has global retail stores and fashionistas can easily buy MCM products. The extremely famous German brand MCM specializes in handbags and backpacks MCM is an abbreviation of the phrase Michael Cromer Munchen. As a famous German […]

Cool Tips On Cleaning Moldy From Your Leather Bags

Men briefcase

Suddenly one day your beloved leather bag is moldy, do not be too surprised by its appearance. For some humidity countries, leather materials are difficult to preserve and mold is understandable. If you are experiencing this situation, do not worry too much, because every difficulty has its own solution. Don’t worry, you can change your […]

Genuine Leather Briefcase – Everyman’s Choice To Bring To Work

Men black genuine leather briefcase

Genuine leather briefcase have become a favorite trend in modern men fashion. Men’s leather briefcases are increasingly designed in a variety of designs, styles and colors to meet the needs of men. Nowadays, smart fashionistas are not too difficult to buy quality leather briefcase. What is a nice men leather briefcase? A nice men leather […]

3 Basic Criteria For Choosing Men’s Leather Bags

Tips to choose men leather crossbody bag

Each man chooses for himself the right accessories to create a different style, including cross bags. However, not every man can choose to buy the right quality, reasonable price and trendy style bag. Let’s learn 3 basic criteria to choose a bag that everyone needs to know. 1. Choosing the material For leather, there are 2 main […]

Top Loafer Models Leading TET Holiday Trend

Men Loafers

Male fashionistas (or also called fashionisto) who prefer and orient their own style with a masculine, elegant and luxurious image but still require a little creativity in leather shoe designs, the Loafers (or Loafer shoes) are always a great choice. With a stylish but no less formal V-shaped design, Loafer shoes are one of the “pride” […]